Experts on hunting open country advocate glassing in a methodical grid pattern.  The GridSpotter™ provides the most accurate and easy way available to accomplish this.  The product converts knob rotational movement into smooth scanning angular movement of the optical device mounted to it.  In addition the device provides angular position indications for both the X and Y axis, making it possible to mark a point of interest with a X/Y cooridinate.

The GridSpotter™ has large knurled knobs for X and y scanning, making it easy to use even when wearing bulky gloves in cold weather. All working components are made of precision machined stainless steel and bronze or brass,   with a housing of light weight and rugged engineered polymer. There are 110 degrees of angular adjustment available in the X direction, and 95 degrees available in the Y direction.

Primary uses for GridSpotter™ product.  
Glassing for game in open country:

This product will be of the most benefit to hunters using it to glass in a methodical grid pattern. The most useful applications are in glassing situations in open country where animal densities are relatively low,  and an animal could occupy most any of the areas in the search area. These conditions are frequently encountered while scouting and hunting for wild sheep,  mule deer,  and coues whitetail deer. There may be situations encountered while hunting Sitka blacktail deer that would benefit from the use of the GridSpotter™ as well.  In particular, early to mid season Kodiak Island hunts, where the deer are up high in open pastures,  and the most effective method of hunting is spot and stalk.