Open Country Glassing Solutions

Gridspotter™ Care and Cleaning

Your Gridspotter™ will need periodic cleaning. The two places most susceptible to dirt is the threaded rod that moves the X axis, and the smooth guide rod on the back of the Gridspotter™. Use lubricant spray silicone to clean these 2 components. Spray a generous amount on these 2 components, until it is dripping off on them. Then take a dry cloth and run along both the smooth guide rod and the threaded X rod while you turn the x knobs. Repeat until clean.

When your Gridspotter™ becomes dirty, the X movement will periodically stick when you begin moving it. This is indicative of the smooth guide rod on the back being dirty. When the threaded X rod becomes dirty, the "X" (side to side) knobs will become harder to turn and/or there will be a louder grinding sound when they are turned.